Why didn’t they ride the eagles straight to Mordor?

We left at 5:30am.  We drove many hours before reaching the United States.. When we reached the border, we were met by a man who clearly was picked on in high school.  He had the typical attitude of any border guard.  Over the years, I have met all types of these guys/gals.  I’ve met the nice guy border guy. The ‘I-have-too-many-cats’ border guy.  The lets-just-get-this-over-with guy.. This guy we had was the I’m-not-into-your-bullshit guy.. Even though we had no bullshit about our story.

We drove for 14 hours and we are now in Antioch TN.  A suburb of Nashville.  Pretty nice place.  The hotel has dirty carpets.

The heading of this posting comes from my daughter April that stated (rightly so) that if Froto actually rode the big eagles to Mordor, the movie would be much, much shorter.  Good point April!!

Up tomorrow at 7:30am.. Straight drive to Grayton Beach.  7 short hours…


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