#226 Stevie from Clowns

Stevie Williams is the lead singer of Melbourne Australia’s “Clowns”. Clowns have just released their new album “Nature/Nurture” on Fat Wreck chords and Damaged records. Nature/Nurture is 11 solid songs that aren’t in any way generic melodic hardcore. There’s the short fast head baggers as well as a 5 minute + jam. In the podcast […]

#225 Darryl Hurs

Darryl Hurs is the co-founder of Indie week that takes place in the fall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Darryl is also now working with CD Baby as the Canadian Marketing Manager. CD Baby is the oldest online service for independent artist to have cd’s made in low quantities with affordable rates. Darryl has always been […]

#224 Ray Carlisle of Teenage Bottlerocket

Teenage Bottle Rocket was formed in 2000 by twin brothers Ray and Brandon Carlisile. They’re based out of Laramie Wyoming and their new album “Stay Rad!” is out on Fat Wreck chords. they’re touring to support the new album presently with Pegboy and will be making their way up to the Toronto area in June. […]

#223 Dr Oren Amitay

Returning once again to the show is Dr Oren Amitay. Oren is a registered psychologist and a parenting expert. Another great episode filled with facts based on science and studies made by doctors and not social justice warriors. I always enjoy having Oren on the show and he will always be a high point in […]

#222 Colin of “Russian Girlfriends”

I must admit that I am late to the game with Russian Girlfriends. But I am super honoured to have Colin on the show!. Russian Girlfriends are based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The band was formed from a few other bands in the scene and are now working on their 2nd full length. It […]

#221 Bill Conway of the Hard Times Website & Podcast

Bill is the co-founder of the Hard Times Website and Podcast. The Hard Times is a website dedicated to fake punk news. It’s the onion for punkers. Founded 4 years ago, Bill and online buddy Matt Saincome started the website to bring fake news to the masses and website has been gaining some recognition with […]

#220 Adam Sewell

Adam Sewell is a musician and artist manager as well as a staple in the Toronto Music scene for many years. Adam and I first met in the early 90’s when his band Monster Voodoo Machine needed a sound guy. Yours truly took the gig for a few small tours while I was in between […]

#219 Sam Williams

Sam Williams is the lead guitar player in Down By Law. Sam and I met in about 1992 when his band played with my band in Florida. It’s always nice to talk with someone who never changes his views on music and why we play it. Just a rock solid dude all round! Thanks Sam […]

#218 “Gentleman” Jim Norton

I first met Jim Norton when he was in Toronto on tour with a band I can’t remember. He was then going to be the tour manager for Down By Law where my first band Trigger Happy were to be opening for on our 2nd tour. The Trigger Happy tour was cut short when our […]

Ivan Irwin R.I.P.

Ivan Irwin not only was a defensemen for the New York Rangers and Montreal Canadians in the 1950’s but he was a friend of our family for well over 35 years. I first met Ivan when I was a 10 year old kid. He was the new beau of our family friend Peg. As a […]