#293 Paul Linklater

Paul Linklater is a guitarist/singer/songwriter whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for about 25 years. I first met Paul in Brandon Manitoba when I recorded his band “gigvest”. He flew to Toronto to mix his album with me and eventually moved there to pursue a life as a professional musician. Apart from solo work, […]

#292 Mikey Hawdon Fairmounts “Eik Namo” listening party

Mikey Hawdon and I go back 20+ years when worked with his band ‘the Inner City Surfers” on three different albums over the period of 5 years. When the surfers took an extended break, Mikey started a solo project by posting videos on Facebook. the first song I saw was “Spend the Night with Me”. […]

#291 Patrick Labbe of “Le Phoque Off Festival”

QUEBEC CITY, January 20th 2021 – Crowned “Festival of the Year” at the GAMIQ Awards in 2020, the alternative music festival Le Phoque OFF will once again be held this February from the 12th to the 20th, for a 7thconsecutive year. This edition presents an innovative virtual formula adapted to the current global situation. What was once only […]

RIP Rude Van Steenes

Rude Van Steenes was a singer/songwriter and has been a part of the Canadian Punk rock and Independent scene since the 70’s. In this episode we learn allot about his knowledge of music.Condolences to his family and loved ones, especially his dear wife MicheleA true Legend and a kind and compassionate human being. RIP my […]

#290 Charlie Angus of The Grievous Angels

Charlie Angus is the founder of Grievous Angels. Grievous Angels started out as a busking group on the streets of Toronto’s east end and eventually found their way inside to be embraced by the late eighties/early 90’s punk community. Playing high energy folk tunes earned a special spot on Queen street! Charlie also got into […]

#289 Vic Bondi

Vic Bondi is the founding member of Articles of Faith and has gone on to form bands like Jones Vary and Alloy to name a few. Vic has contributed over 40 years into creating and living in Punk Rock. Vic is also a software engineer that has been in the industry since the mid 90’s […]

#288 Elliot Lefko

Elliot Lefko is a concert promoter that got his start in the Toronto punk and metal scene in the 80’s. Elliot has worked with thousands of bands throughout the years and still to this day has time to talk about his love of music and the art form. Always inspiring when people carry that passion […]

#287 Rob Moir

Rob Moir is a singer/songwriter who has been writing and performing all over the world with mostly just a guitar. Rob has been known to travel Europe by bicycle to get from town to town while on tour.Recently, Rob has released a travel show where he rode his bike for three weeks in southern Ontario […]

#286 Kyle Gordon Stanley

Kyle Gordon Stanley is a contributing writer for Hardtimes.com, a satirical website devoted to punk and hard music. Kyle and I have been friends for well over 20 years. Kyle is also has the record for most guest spots on the show. The show was cut short due to technical issues. Enjoy! Brought to you […]

#285 Jay Sinclair of “Fizzgigs”

Jay Sinclair is the lead singer and guitarist for Calgary’s own Fizzgigs. Jay and the Fizzgigs have released a 2 song EP in efforts to help the Kids Help Phone www.KidsHelpPhone.ca or @KidsHelpPhone. Hit and Miss was released on November 6th 2020 and features the title track “Hit and Miss” as well as a Wipers cover […]