#244 DR Oren Amitay

Returning once again to the show is Dr Oren Amitay. Oren is a registered psychologist and a parenting expert. Another great episode filled with facts based on science and studies made by doctors and not social justice warriors. Dr Amity is presently working on his new book yet to be named. Shop with amazon.ca, amazon.com and amazon.co.uk  Bookmark the […]

Best of Episode with Al Nolan

200 episodes ago! Enjoy This episode was recorded in June of 2015.  As I mention in the episode, Al Nolan is a very important character in my life.  I joined his band in the spring of 1990 with misaligned intentions and was forever changed from then on.  We experienced our first real tour together, nearly […]

#243 Zack Charlos and Ray Castro of “Bracket”

Bracket formed in the early 1990’s and have been putting records out faithfully for over 25 years. With the occasional break here and there, they always put out great material that borders punk and pop. Originally from the bay area of San Fransisco now in the the ‘c’ States (California and Colorado). They don’t tour […]

#242 Will Mcguirk

Will Mcguirk has always been a strong supporter of independent music from Oshawa. And now he sells records to them! Will explains how his life has come full circle in the best of ways. While wondering through Oshawa as a teenager, Will stumbled onto Star Records and met Mike Star . Eventually Mike Hired Will […]

#241 Nick Woods of “Direct Hit”

Nick Woods is the lead singer and member of Direct Hit and is based out of Milwaukee WI. Direct Hit have been a band since 2007 and have released albums on Fat Wreck Chords as well as Red Scare Industries. Nick and Direct hit will be headlining Blackout Fest on October 18/19 in Brantford Ontario. […]

#240 Tino Valpa of Pine Hill Records

Tino Valpa is the owner of Pine Hill Records and he is based in New Hampshire. As the owner of a punk label, there’s a line drawn on what you want to release and what you need to release. Tino has gone out of his comfort zone by putting a record together with the legendary […]

#239 Jamie Mittendorf of Blackout Fest

Jamie Mittendorf is the founder of Ontario’s longest running and largest punk rock festival Blackout Fest. Blackout Fest was started 13 years ago and it started small in the town of Brantford Ontario. the festival is now running over two days on October 18 & 19. Jamie, like allot of DIY promotors started booking bands […]

#238 Ron Hawkins of “Lowest of the Low”

Ron Hawkins is a singer/song writer, the lead singer of Lowest of the Low and Do Good Assassins, producer and general all round mensch. Lowest of the Low had their beginnings in the early 90’s with the iconic release “Shakespeare my Butt”. The album has since achieved certified Gold status in Canada and is one […]

#237 David Bottrill

David Bottrill is a three time Grammy winning producer who has worked with countless artists like Peter Gabriel, Tool, Moneen, King Crimson and tons more. His 30 year career spans all musical tastes and sounds. In the podcast David and I connected on a few important points on being Canadian and music producer and what […]

#236 Greg Bolton

Greg Bolton is a father, an audio systems tech and general all-round sweetheart. Greg is a returning guest to the show and greg always delivers a great conversation. This time, we dove a little into his band he had with Tyler Wilkinson called “Motion Picture Ending”and what his experience was. This podcast’s common thread is […]