#302 Michi From Circus Rhapsody

Berlin-based German punk band Circus Rhapsody has an exciting summer planned with a full album release, several music videos, and singles. Circus Rhapsody is a band that is hard to stick in just one genre — they combine punk/world/folk/rockabilly/ska and many other genres. One theme is overarching: the band is a LOT of fun. In […]

#301 Scott Radinsky

Scott Radinsky is the lead singer and founding member of “Pulley”. Pulley have been playing music since the mid 90’s. Scott was the original singer for Ten foot Pole and left to pursue a career in major league baseball as well as start his own band. After dealing with the last year and a half […]

#300 Steven Rawles of Belvedere

Steven Rawles is the lead singer and founding member of Calgary’s “Belvedere”. Belvedere was formed in 1995 and have been putting out quality albums ever since. The band took a small break around 2005 and Steven started a side project. Belvedere reformed in 2012 and have gone through a few member changes since then. Their […]

#299 Jay Mirus

Jay Mirus spent the first part of his life working for Much Music as a videographer. He had a daily segment on FAX for Much West. Jay always made time for the underdogs in the scene and gave them a voice on a national level. An amazing conversation with an important person in the indie […]

#298 Sam Paquin from Sam & the Terrible News

Sam Paquin is the lead singer and guitarist for Quebec City’s “Sam & the Terrible News”. Blending pop and punk from the early 2000’s, the band strikes a chord in this humble narrator’s sensibility. Their new album “Face A” is due out later this year. Their new single “Talkers” is out now and can be […]

#297 Dr Oren Amitay

Back on for his 8th visit, it’s Dr Oren Amitay. Oren is a psychotherapist and court appointed family expert. His knowledge of the human mind is unbelievably in tune. Todays topic on the show is family estranged. I am personally going through some family issues, so what better way to talk about them is to […]

#296 Lisa McEwen

Lisa McEwen is a singer/songwriter that has started on a new project called “Music & Mindfulness”. The idea is to find your direction in songwriting and to have impact. Music heals! This is Lisa’s 2nd time on the show. She was on episode #161 about three years ago. Lisa has been working hard at music […]

#295 Ford Pier

Ford Pier is a singer/ songwriter based out of Vancouver BC. Ford and I go way back to the early 90”s when we both sang back up on an SNFU song called “Bobbit”. Ford was the screeching sound you hear near the end! Ford has played in and formed too many bands to mention. He […]

#294 Nadav Rotem of “Kids Insane”

Kids Insane is a hardcore band located in Tel Aviv Israel. Kids Insane has just released an EP Titled “Who’s the Enemy”. Every song is under two minutes.. And it’s a Banger! Nadav and I spoke allot about music and very little about the Pandemic. so all in all, a great episode! Kids Insane: All […]

#293 Paul Linklater

Paul Linklater is a guitarist/singer/songwriter whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for about 25 years. I first met Paul in Brandon Manitoba when I recorded his band “gigvest”. He flew to Toronto to mix his album with me and eventually moved there to pursue a life as a professional musician. Apart from solo work, […]