#163 Dajaun Martineau

Dajaun Martineau is a Canadian producer/ engineer. Dajaun has worked for several bands and artists over the past 15 years. Starting off as a freelance engineer and found himself working at Phase One Studios which was a world-renowned recording studio that is responsible for countless classic albums. He has since moved on into a larger […]

#162 Brandon Kellum of American Standards

Brandon Kellum is the vocalist for Phoenix Arizona’s “American Standards”. The band has been around since 2011 and have released some albums through Victory Records. Their new album titled Anti-Melody is self released and available now on limited press CD and digital download through BandCamp. You can find all their music on Spotify, iTunes, Apple […]

#161 Lisa McEwen singer, song writer

Lisa McEwen is a Canadian singer/ songwriter that has been performing most of her life. Lisa moved to Nashville and lived her dream writing and living the songwriters life. When she moved back to Canada, she still kept on writing. After she found out she was pregnant, the industry turned their backs on her. It’s […]

#160 Marc Belke

Welcome to episode 160! Marc Belke is a musician, and father that lives in Victoria BC. Marc is the original member and founder of Canada’s own SNFU. Marc also fronted “the Wheat Chiefs” in the early nineties when SNFU was broken up. SNFU got back together on the steam of their reunion tour and put […]

#159 Zach Gehring of “Demons” & “Mae”

Zach Gehring is the founder of Demons, a band he started with some friends in his local area of Virginia. Zach is the guitar player in the a band called “Mae”. Demons has a sound that is completely different to the Mae’s. Zach uses Demons to express himself in a way that satisfies his musical […]

#158 Natalie Frijia

Natalie Firijia is a story-teller and a professional stage manager based in the Toronto Area. Natalie has done some pretty amazing thing and lives life like it should. She rode a bicycle across Canada, she’s travelled all over the world to explore life and to gain perspective. She was a great conversation and a great […]

#157 Jonathan Ronson Armstrong

Jonathan Ronson Armstrong’s first solid touring band was Sewing With Nancy, a late nineties skate punk band. After that band broke up, “the Reason” was born. The Reason was more of an emo band in the vain of Grade, Boys Night Out and other bands from the Hamilton/Burlington region. After 10 years of recording and […]

#156 Ford Pier

Ford Pier has played in too many bands to mention. He’s a song writer, solo artist as well. Ford is from Edmonton and moved to Vancouver in the early 90’s to pursue a career in music and better weather. Ford has an amazing outlook on the art of music as well as the ethics. He’s […]

#155 Tim Whalen

Tim Whalen moved to the Toronto area in the mid-80’s when metal ruled the earth. Punk was pretty much dead and was crossing over into heavy metal. Tim was always musical and had an urge to leave his small town in New Brunswick and when the opportunity came to stay in Toronto and not go […]

#154 Jamie M. Dagg

Jamie Dagg is a film director based in Toronto, Ontario. Jamie and I met in 1991 when a promoter friend of his booked a band I worked for into a hall in Timmins, Ontario. Jamie also booked my first band in on our second tour of Canada into a basement in Timmins. Jamie has always […]