The Week, the fun, the sand

So we’re at the end of our little adventure here at Grayton Beach.  We leave early tomorrow and plan to be in Cincinnati by tomorrow night.  I remember the last time we drove north from here in Florida, it was a little sad to see the temperature gauge fall lower and lower until we ended […]

Why didn’t they ride the eagles straight to Mordor?

We left at 5:30am.  We drove many hours before reaching the United States.. When we reached the border, we were met by a man who clearly was picked on in high school.  He had the typical attitude of any border guard.  Over the years, I have met all types of these guys/gals.  I’ve met the […]

Hey I have an idea…

So at 9am this morning, I suggested that I should load up the car and take the kids on a road trip to somewhere warmer than here.  Next week is March break here in Ontario Canada.  My two kids Everett and April are off all next week.  With today being Saturday, I thought it wold be […]