#323 Brenna Red of ‘The Last Gang”

Brenna Red is the founding member, guitarist and lead singer of The Last Gang. The Last Gang have been a band since the 2000’s. It wasn’t until 2017 when the band got some recognition through touring with the help of Fat Wreck Chords releasing their last three albums. the Last Gang is on Tour this […]

#322 Luke Pabich of Good Riddance

Luke Pabich is a founding member and guitar player for Santa Cruz’s Good Riddance. Good Riddance has been touring th world since 1995. They started as a band in the late 80’s. Catching the attention of Fat Mike and Fat Wreck Chords, they were on their way with their first release “For God and Country”. […]

#321 Aston Stephens of Boss Tuneage Records

Aston Stephens is a UK based independent record label owner. Boss Tuneage Records has been putting out music for well over 30 years. Aston and I met by chance I think through either Brock Pytel or John Kastner in the early 2000’s. Aston put out the first Four Square Record titled “When Weeks Were Weekends” […]

#320 Vlad Bojco of “Wasting Time”

Wasting Time is a pop punk quartet from Toronto, Canada that has been plugging away since 2017.  The band plays their brand of melodic, sonic chaos and are inspired by bands such as Alkaline Trio, No Use For A Name, and MxPx. They’ve since released an album, a couple EPs, several singles and have shared the […]

#319 Jenna Enemy of The Von Tramps

The Von Tramps are an American rock band formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 2015. The group is fronted by guitarist/vocalist Jenna Enemy and features Chelsea Oxborough on guitar and Krissandra Anfinson on bass. The band emerged from the Minneapolis underground punk scene and first gained notoriety for their high-energy live shows and irreverent behavior. The Von Tramps have […]

#318 Georgij Makazaria of “Russkaja”

The band’s energetic front man Georgij Makazaria and his vibrant appearance inspires people to bounce frenetically, dance,pogo and scream their heads off. He is supported by the precise rhythm and driving force of drums, bass and guitar as well as the melody coming from violin, sax and the potete (a unique bass-trumpet). Together, the talented […]

#317 Tino Valpa of “the Cryptics”

Tino Valpa is the lead singer and founder of Dover, New Hampshire’s “the Cryptics”. The Cryptics Have been releasing albums since 2009. they are presently on tour in the states. the music scene and touring scene have taken major blows in the last few years. Bands like the Cryptics need to tour to make money […]

#316 Eric Fundingsland

Eric Fundingsland is an independent documentary film maker, a punk rock musician and a dad. Starting later in life as a touring musician, Eric realized that touring in a van is not as glamorous as he thought. After meeting plenty of other bands that have had similar experiences, he decided to do a documentary film […]

#315 The GET BACK RECAP w/ Lee McCormack

In this episode y buddy Lee and I recap the Beatles “Get Back” three part series that is streaming on Disney Plus. We take a somewhat deep dive into our favourite parts of the documentary. Get Back was made up from many hours of lost footage from the original Doc by the same name that […]

#314 Aaron Pendergast

Aaron Pendergast is a documentary film maker who is making a movie on the Blasting Room. The Blasting room is a Recording studio based in Fort Collins, Colorado that was founded by Bill Stevenson of The Descendents. Over the last 27 years, some of the biggest names in punk music have trusted a tiny, bare-bones, […]