#334 Johnny Toomey & Brent Randall of Vanity Mirror

The duo of Toronto-based Brent Randall and Los Angeles-dwelling Johnny Toomey are known for their previous achievements with Los Angeles based, baroque-pop group, The Electric Looking Glass. Both musicians compliment each other stylistically and add sparks to their newest project, Vanity Mirror. Their debut LP, PUFF was written, recorded, performed, produced and even mixed by Brent Randall. The […]

#333 Davey Johnston of “The Confusionaires”

Confusionaires are a world-class rock & roll band that are constantly pushing the boundaries of what rockabilly and country music can be. The trio of Edmonton-based musicians has built a sound that’s synonymous with the hardest-hitting country and rockabilly acts around with sound that stands on its own. Their sound fills dance floors with fans […]

#332 Brock Pytel

Brock Pytel, best known as the singing drummer for late 80’s Montreal pop-punks The Doughboys, has just released his new solo single, Anemic Heart. The single is the follow up to his 2022 single, Hurrah Hooray. The Vancouver transplant’s two latest singles were both from a session he did in 2011 at Montreal’s Hotel2Tango with […]

#331 Lee Rose of “Ace of Wands”

Mixed by Kevin McMahon (Swans, Titus Andronicus), “I Taste Blood” has a dark and punchy treatment, capturing the raw and ferocious energy that Ace Of Wands can achieve in their live performance.  Exploring the genre of Dream Rock through immersive / intricate soundscapes, and captivating live performances – the band compels audiences to listen with attention and not […]

#330 Matt & John of “BOTHERS”

Portland, Oregon’s Bothers have just announced the release of their sophomore LP “II” on San Antonio/PDX label Dirt Cult Records. The band’s self-titled debut album was a concise and raging lesson in relentless punk ‘n’ roll, with tips of the hat to bands like Motörhead, and Hot Snakes. ‘II’ marks a new era for the […]

#329 Bruce Wilson of ‘Sunday Morning’

Vancouver’s Sunday Morning have just released their latest single with an a-side cover of Art Bergmann’s Canadian punk classic Junky Don’t Care and a b-side original called Explain the World. Sunday Morning is the brainchild of Vancouver music scene stalwart, Bruce Wilson. Wilson’s prolific art and music career took shape in New York and Detroit […]

#328 Adrian Popovich

Toronto and Montreal based trio, American Lips, have just announced the release of their latest 3-song maxi-single Waste of Crime on Ancient Fashion Records. American Lips features Death From Above 1979 drummer Sebastien Grainger and prolific producer Adrian Popovich, also known for his time in legendary Canadian rock act Tricky Woo. In explaining their newest […]

#327 Spike Slawson of Me First and the Gimme Gimmies

Spike Slawson along with Me First and the Gimme Gimmes have been putting out records since the late 90s. they take old songs and punk-y-fy them. They take, in my opinion, an ironic and satirical look at popular music and make it digestible to people who would never listen to them in the first place. […]

#326 Pete Mills of The Sweet Kill

The Sweet Kill have just announced the release of their debut LP Darkness with their newest video-single by the same name. The Sweet Kill is a one-man post-punk project which focuses on the more dark and gothic side of the genre. Perpetually recording and producing at his own The Audio Studio in Los Angeles, Pete […]

#325 Jay Anderson of UWUW

UWUW came into being when Jay Anderson and Ian Blurton came together through a run of shows, backing mutual friend and singer/songwriter, Kate Boothman as her drummer, and guitarist, respectively. Anderson suggested bringing in Jason Haberman, a talented bassist, who Anderson had seen play with Toronto indie-folk band, The Wooden Sky. Realizing they didn’t want […]