#257 Kyle Gordon Stanley

Kyle Gordon Stanley is a returning guest for another great conversation with his observations on life, music and movies. I always love having Kyle on the show as he is not only the most re-visited guest in the show’s history, But he was a follower and believed in the show from he very beginning. Shop […]

#256 Tino Valpa of “The Cryptics”

Tino Valpa is the lead singer and founder of New Hampshire’s “The Cryptics” . The Cryptics have been putting our records since 2009. “Continuous New Behavior” is a re-recorded album from 2013 that gives the band another try at improving the sound of an album they weren’t that happy with. The ban is on Tour […]

#255 Mark Holmes of Platinum Blonde

Mark Holmes is the founding member, lead Singer and Bass player for Canadian New Wavers “Platinum Blonde”. The band was formed in the early 80’s and was one of the first artists to earn fame through music television. Mark has never stopped reinventing himself and his band. Platinum Blonde is currently working on a new […]

#254 Best of 2019

Welcome to 2020! and with that comes the best of 2019. a collection of the most memorable parts of the show last year. This year has a different twist to it. stick around till the end to get a bonus. Rest in Pease Neil Peart. condolences to loved ones, family and the fan base that […]

#253 Claudio Delgift of “LIGHT”

Claudio Delgift is the Guitarist and lead singer of the Buenos Aires prog rock act “LIGHT”. The band is primarily a recording project that doesn’t tour. They rely on YouTube and Facebook to promote their music. In the podcast we talk about the similarities and differences in the music industry in North and South America. […]

#252 Steve Kravac, Producer, Musician

Steve Kravac is a Canadian Music producer that moved to LA over 25 years ago to pursue a dream. He never came home! Working as an engineer at the world famous punk recording studio known as “Westbeach Recorders”. Side note, that studio name is why I named my studio “insight Recorders”. Working at Westbeach got […]

#251 Hunter & Tristan Martinez of “Decent Criminal”

Hunter and Tristan are brothers in the Northern Californian band Decent Criminal. the band has released their 3rd album titled “Bliss” on wiretap records (US) and bearded punk records (EU). They are also on a west coast tour and will be on tour in 2020 in Europe and North America. The album is great, and […]

#250 Tyler Elynuik of “Rave & Drool” Podcast

Tyler Elynuik is a podcaster based out of Regina, Saskatchewan. His Podcast Rave & Drool chronicles the 90’s music scene from a Canadians point of view. Tyler started to develop a documentary under the same title and is still working at the project as a producer. In the podcast we speak of what the 90’s […]

#249 Jeremy Keith of “Russian Girlfriends”

Jeremy Keith plays guitar in Albuquerque New Mexico’s “Russian Girlfriends”. Being one of my favourite bands to come out lately, I am so glad to have Jeremy on to talk about their new release “In the Parlance of Our Times”. 12 awesome songs that came out in June of 2019. You can find this and […]

#248 Joel & Jared of “the Discarded”

The Discarded hail from a small town just north of Toronto, Canada called Orangeville. They are comprised of seventeen year old drummer, Caden Jax, twenty year old, Jared Dean on bass and veteran rocker J.P. on guitar and vocals.  Yeah they’re all related but this isn’t any Partridge family reunion.  They are a tight, hard […]