#361 Jay Sparrow

Recorded in the dead of winter in a newly constructed studio at the former residence of controversial Edmonton photographer Con Boland, the month-long project was the result of what the sound might be if there was a collaboration between Elliott Smith and Massive Attack. Long gone are the bluesy-punk sounds of Sparrow’s first band the […]

#359 Aaron & Adam of Fog Lamp

Fog Lamp, the enigmatic synth-punk trio hailing from Oakland, has been making waves in the local music scene with their genre-defying sound since their emergence in 2022. Comprising Aaron on vocals, Leslie on synthesizers, and Adam on guitar and drum machines, Fog Lamp seamlessly blends elements of cyberpunk, goth, and cold wave to create a […]

#358 Kate Von Heart

Strongly influenced by the expression of her subconscious mind, cinematic romance and alternative rock, Kate Von Heart is a Montreal-based singer-songwriter with a bewitching sensibility. And, on Feb.9th she’ll be releasing That Isn’t You And Me (Part I)After completing her music education at Cégep Marie-Victorin and the Université du Québec à Montréal, she delved into various musical projects, showcasing her […]

#356 Neil Leyton

Born in Lisbon and raised in Toronto Leyton was a founding member and songwriter in Canadian art-glam indie project The Conscience Pilate. He founded the Fading Ways record label and released three critically acclaimed solo albums, Down Secret Avenue with the Last Lovers, From the Brighter Side of Her Midnight Sun and The Betrayal of […]

#355 Stephen Stanley

The Stephen Stanley Band’s is happy to introduce their new album, Before The Collapse Of The Hive (Wolfe Island Records). It’s an album brimming with raw, unflinching urgency, steadfast observation and soul-searching storytelling that highlights Stephen’s immediate world: those he loves, and those he’s lost.  Recording the album on on Wolfe Island became an integrated life experience. […]

#354 Sean Barrette

Sean Barrette is an author who has since written a book “Heartstrings – First Guitars” Heartstrings – First Guitars, is a collection of memories from a variety of musicians, famous, semi-famous, up and coming, anonymous, or otherwise, about the guitar they learned on, the first guitar they bought with their own money, the first “good” […]

#353 the Silo of Autogramm

Autogramm, synth-driven power-poppers from Vancouver, have just released their latest LP Music That Humans Can Play. Their first album in over two years will be released on vinyl and digital formats world-wide November 17th on Stomp Records (and Beluga Records EU). Accompanying this official release is the video for the track “Born Losers”. Keeping with Autogramm’s […]

#352 David McPherson

David McPherson is a Waterloo, Ontario-based author, freelance writer, and communications consultant. Ever since attending his first rock concert in 1989 (The Who) and buying his first LP (Freeze Frame by The J. Geils Band), music has become “the elixir of his life.” With more than 18,000 songs on my iPod, and an ever-growing vintage vinyl […]