#349 Christina Dare & Erik Meechem of ‘Cold Weather Captains’

Cold Weather Captains are a Toronto-based high-energy rock band known for their funky and eclectic sound. The group was originally founded in 2018 as a unique instrumental trio featuring Bradley Scott (lead guitar), Erik Meechem (rhythm guitar), and Kevin Penny (drums). Shortlyafter the release of their 2021 EP, City Limits, CWC quickly morphed from laid-back jam band to […]

#348 Juniper Watters & Kelly Zombor of CLONE

CLONE is a female-fronted collective of musicians from various eclectic backgrounds who bonded over their shared love of 70’s rock, specifically glam rock. Nods to T-Rex, Suzi Quatro, The Runaways, Sweet, New York Dolls, and Iggy and the Stooges inspire their catalog of rock anthems that fuse punk with glitter and power with pop. CLONE was created […]

#347 Rob Good of THE GOODS

Oakland California’s The Goods have just announced the release of their debut self-titled EP on Dandy Boy Records with an accompanying video for the song “David Jones Is Dead.” The Goods combine big guitars, huge hooks, and sweet British Invasion-style harmonies into a distinctive power pop tapestry on their debut. Self-produced in the band’s own studio […]

#346 Eric, Spencer, Gordon of the Vanrays

The Vanrays have just released their latest long-player “Put It Out” with an accompanying video for the album’s focus track “Hard Times.” The band carries on with their tradition of belting out undeniably catchy Motown and Soul tunes with big hooks, big melodies and an even bigger brass section. Taking notes from classics and contemporaries like Spencer Davis […]

#345 Cactus Vella of ‘Public Mess’

Toronto Acoustic-Punk rockers, Public Messdeliver a 5-song EP that defines the genre.  “Too Many Ghosts”, the debut EP from Toronto’s newest group, Public Mess, features Cactus Vella on Acoustic Guitar and Vocals, Rob Fiasco on Acoustic Bass, and Andrew Heule on Drums.  Public Mess blends acoustic-punk with hints of alt-country. Their debut EP was recorded at Sandy Pockets Studio. A DIY recording studio located in the garage […]


Vancouver record label Nerve Wracking Collections has just released their latest EP Coulrophobia, a collaborative concept project that includes Vancouver synthpunk bands, Phuture Memoriez and Jibbernaut. The concept involved choosing a theme and releasing a 4 song split EP with another band. This was an opportunity for NWC to expand and have many artists join […]

#343 Travis Miles of The Penske File

The Penske File do it for the love of the damn thing. Friendship, rock ’n’ roll, creativity, movement, catharsis. They pull the highs from the lows and scream into the expanse because it is what feels right. Their live shows are celebrations: celebrations of everything loud, spontaneous and beautiful about life. The Penske File spent the better […]

#342 Dylan Rysstad of The Projectors

The Projectors have just released their debut self-titled LP on Sakamano Records with an accompanying video for the song “Golden Age”. The Projectors began with a new batch of songs  that prolific singer/songwriter Dylan Rysstad was writing in 2019.  According to Rysstad, “With the first couple songs, ‘When the Lights Came Up’ and ‘Golden Age’, […]

#341 Lana & Carmen of ‘The Getarounds’

Vancouver’s premiere power-poppers The Get Arounds have just released their new full-length album, I Wanna Live. Their songs meander from revved up numbers that seem to be pulled from The Dead Boys Young Loud and Snotty into hits with melodic choruses that call to mind power-pop classics like Nikki and the Corvettes. Their female-fronted angst […]

#340 Brock Pytel & Brian Minato of SLIP~ons

What do you get when you combine two Canadian music legends into one guitar-heavy, power-pop unit that strives to sound like Minneapolis in the 90’s? You get SLIP~ons! They come by their brand of rock honestly, with Brock Pytel of The Doughboys on guitar and Brian Minato of Sarah McLachlan on bass. Add to the […]