Hey I have an idea…

So at 9am this morning, I suggested that I should load up the car and take the kids on a road trip to somewhere warmer than here.  Next week is March break here in Ontario Canada.  My two kids Everett and April are off all next week.  With today being Saturday, I thought it wold be something fun and spontaneous!!

My wife Spring had to work all next week, so she couldn’t come.  She did say that it was a great idea and thought that it would be fun!

So where are we going to go?

My co-worker Darren came up with the idea yesterday with the intention of me waking up my kids military style cranking on a frying pan yelling “25 minutes before we bug out“.  Darren is usually responsible for my crazy endeavours. Like buying a moped for reliable and cheap transportation. But I digress..

It’s now 10am and I am formulating a plan over breakfast.  The original plan was to head south until the temperature turns 65 degrees fahrenheit.  So I opened up SIRI and asked her how warm it was in Washington DC, Charlotte NC.  Not warm enough.  So I asked how warm it was in Florida.  70 Degrees.  Perfect.  My parents are in the Northern tip of Florida staying in a federal park with their RV.  “Hey SIRI, how far is it for me to drive to Grayton Beach FL?” 19 hours.  I can do that!!

It’s official, we’re drivin’ to Florida (in the voice of Larry Miller).  So I have about 5 hours of packing and planning to make this happen.  Spring says that I should make a list.  Ok I’ll make one in my head.  Most of Saturday goes by and I’m now deciding to blog on the trip.  Also, great news, Spring is now coming!! Awesome, two drivers!! So we’re now making lists and digging things out of crawl spaces and slowly packing the car.


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