The Week, the fun, the sand

So we’re at the end of our little adventure here at Grayton Beach.  We leave early tomorrow and plan to be in Cincinnati by tomorrow night.  I remember the last time we drove north from here in Florida, it was a little sad to see the temperature gauge fall lower and lower until we ended back in Ontario with much colder weather than when we left.  It’s been tons of fun hanging out with my folks.  I’m glad that they could spend time with my kids.  I think that they will be glad to get back to normal ‘retirement mode’ as opposed to a constant need to entertain.

I know the kids had a great time.  They just met two kids the same age as them.  They are all playing their various linked handheld video games.

The weather has been unbelievable, sunny and warm.  We also should be getting some good weather to drive home to as well.  It looks like the weather followed us.

I’m thinking that we will make a plan to do this yearly.  It’s really hard to get away from my work though.  We lucked out this year because of the York University CUPE strike.  This freed up some time for me for which is usually a busy time of year.

My car is full of sand.  I remember this from the last time we came back.  I was still finding sand in Springs car for months after into the summer.  I have the next Monday off, I will get the car cleaned and vacuumed on my day off.


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