Epi 95 Mina Shum

Mina Shum is a writer and director that’s been in the movie industry for well over 20 years. Mina found her voice in the early 80’s with punk rock and photography. Her first break through movie was “Double Happiness” that stared Sandra Oh in one of her first roles.  Mina’s latest effort is “Ninth Floor”, a documentary about how students in Montreal protested the mishandling of racist accusations towards a professor at Sir George Williams University. The protest was eventually held in the computer lab in one of the buildings for several hours. At a time when the race relations were at a fever pitch in the USA, Canada had its own share of problems. The movie touched on so many issues that we have even today in 2016. In the podcast we talked about growing up as a minority on the west coast of Canada, how punk rock changed everything and the coping skills acquired from persistence and drive.

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