Epi 94 Darryl Hurs Part 2 of 2

Welcome to Part 2!!!

Darryl Hurs is the founder of two pretty important Toronto events. One is Indie Week, the other is Real Independent Film Festival or RIFF. Darryl came to Toronto in the early 90’s to seek fame with his band from Edmonton. He soon realized that his ambition wasn’t exactly the bands main concern. Darryl taught himself graphic design from reading books before owning a real computer and somehow got himself work through with the gift of the gab. He’s a very intelligent person and a good hang. A rare commodity in the technical world. Darryl has always been his own boss and he never stops thinking about the next move in life. In the podcast we talk a bit about the old days and what lays ahead with musical trends. Because there’s so much information in this episode, I broke it into two more manageable sized episodes.

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