Epi 76 Kevin Hilliard

Hey it’s two podcasters in two weeks. Coincidence? Yes totally!.  Kevin Hilliard is one of the people behind the successful live show and podcast “Pitch Talks”. Pitch Talks is a show that breaks down the game of  baseball for both new fans and life time lovers alike. The live shows are candid conversations and the podcast is a more compact version of the live show. It’s a great listen for anyone wanting to get the inside scoop and a different perspective.

Kevin also has been in several bands including “Small Sins”, “National Anthem”, and “Galore”. He’s also the lighting director for Canadian indie rockers “Sloan”. As a self-proclaimed unqualified lighting person, it sheds light on how a band like Sloan works with Kevin because he’s a solid guy and a cool hang. Kevin is also known as “the clapper” because of his band role in “Small Sins” (Noise Maker and Clapper).

In the podcast we talk allot about what it’s like playing in bands, his love of baseball,my lack of knowledge of baseball and life in general. Thanks Kevin for the as per usual great talk!!

Check out Pitch Talks at http://www.homestandsports.com/pitch

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