Epi 64 Robert Michael Higgins of “Dearly Beloved”

Robert Michael Higgins is the bass player/song writer for Dearly Beloved. Rob has been playing music in the Canadian scene for well over 20 years with bands such as Change of Heart, Doctor, and tons more. He is also related to Rock n’ Roll royalty because he is the nephew of Geddy Lee, the bass player of Rush. Being related to such a high-profile guy never affected Rob as a person, he’s super grounded and always ready to jump in the van to drive countless hours to play of show or do what needs to get done! The point is that Rob never exploits or uses the unique opportunity in a negative way.

On today’s podcast we talk about being in a band, life on the road, and what it takes to be a successful and working musician in Canada.
They are currently in the studio recording a new album.

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Stick around till the end to preview a track from my upcoming acoustic album too!!


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