Epi 45 John Wright of No Means No & Hanson Brothers

John Wright and his brother Rob formed a band in the early eighties and named it No Means No. No Means No is responsible for a specific style of punk rock that formed what we east coasters (probably just me) called the “Victoria Sound.” Distortion bass and badass drumming. John and Rob will be receiving a lifetime achievement induction into the Western Music Hall of Fame for their contribution with No Means NO.

John also fronted the band The Hanson Brothers, which is a completely different approach to music. It’s more pared down and a tribute to the Ramones. The Hanson Brothers started out as a joke band, but they were an amazing force of three chords and the truth!!

Finally, John is now involved in a band made up of robots called Compressorhead. He is presently writing a complete album for the robots using his experience with No Means No and the Hansons as a catalyst. You can learn more about Compressorhead HERE.

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