Epi 43 Al Nolan of Trigger Happy part 1

This episode was recorded in June of 2015.  As I mention in the episode, Al Nolan is a very important character in my life.  I joined his band in the spring of 1990 with misaligned intentions and was forever changed from then on.  We experienced our first real tour together, nearly died in a van crash and had some laughs along the way.  We also had a different point of view regarding band dynamics, but we soldiered on!!

In this episode, we talked about how Al started as a drama kid in high school, to one of the most revered vocalist in Canadian punk rock.  Great catch up with an old dear friend.

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3 thoughts on “Epi 43 Al Nolan of Trigger Happy part 1

  1. I didn’t play with Mark Lepper, Tod Laverty and Jay Vincent but Mark and Tod were in an earlier band with me and Marc Grainge called Moral Decay. 5 Ft Nothing was a very good band but I was not a part of it. I later formed Search Party and Spy Boy Five. Paul Schedlich played with me in SP and Jim Marchment played with me and Paula Gonzales in SB5. I currently do music as “Mikooshka.”

  2. Not sure how I found this, but thanks man, that was a good listen. Al you are a dam good story teller with a hell of a memory for details.

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