Epi 40 SNFU

Welcome to Episode #40!! Thanks for all your support!!

In this episode, we have the band SNFU.  SNFU has been a band  for over 30 years and are the grandfathers of skate punk.  Bands like Metallica and Green Day named SNFU as major influences in their musical upbringing.  There’s been a few different incarnations of the band and now this version has a very strong grouping and are presently on tour supporting the 30 year anniversary of their first release “And No One Else Wanted to Play”

Chi Pig, the lead singer has had many bumps down the road and is featured in a documentary “Open Your Mouth and say Mr Chi Pig”.  It’s a story of how a prominent figure in Canadian Punk History fell to the bottom, living life as a homeless person.  He’s been drug free for years now but has slipped from time to time. Chi says life is better now that he has a place to live and some counselling.

I also speak to Dave Bacon, Dirty Kurt, Randy Steffes and Jamie Oliver.  All of the awesome to talk to!!

I’m very proud to say that SNFU taught me how to tour and for that, I’m forever in their debt. Thanks guy for the talk

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