Epi 36 Live with Kyle Stanley

Our almost monthly live episode.  Kyle and I do a monthly show that streams live around the last week of every month.  You can catch every live show we do by adding me (Simon) on Twitter @simonhead666.  You will be updated to the location of the live stream around the time of the show going live.  I will try to update everyone as soon as I can.

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One thought on “Epi 36 Live with Kyle Stanley

  1. Hey there.
    Not sure if someone is still on this site…
    Trying to get in touch with Simon (simonhead666).
    I don’t do social media.
    Hoping to eventually get in contact with Johnny or Jason from old school band Red Fisher, Winnipeg (1990 ish).
    Any help is appreciated.
    Feel free to call/text – too O four 223 4231

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