Best Of | Justin Small of “Do Make Say Think”

Hey Folks, Last week was a very trying and busy one. Another thing I’ve noticed is that I’m getting a bunch of new listeners coming in for the new episodes. So this episode is a way to introduce an earlier episode and give myself a breather at the same time. This episode truly is one […]

#137 Adam & Andrea of Zonnis

Adam and Andrea Zonnis started the folk duo Zonnis in 2013 and have played hundreds of shows all over Canada and parts of South America. They tour constantly with their son in tow and will play anywhere there’s a stage and audience. Andrea is also a psychic and does readings while on tour. They are […]

#136 Rosemarie and Billy from Patchwork Theatre

Rosie and Billy formed Patchwork Theatre to be able to show theatre in a newer, more modern light. from June 1-4, they are mounting “Trainwreck” which is based on Boys Night Out’s cult favourite concept album of the same name. Rosie and Billy are also in a band together called “Billy Draws Two”. Make sure […]

#135 Kyle Gordon Stanley

Kyle Gordon Stanley returns to the show after a year and a half wait. Kyle is a regular guest on the show and he returns to us with news of bird sightings and good conversation. Kyle and I have been friends for almost 20 years now. He has a charm and wit that makes him […]

#134 Seth Anderson

Seth Anderson is a solo singer/songwriter. Seth started writing songs at the age of 18. His career started in the East coast of Canada. He has travelled and lived throughout the country writing songs and performing them where ever anyone would listen. Seth’s fourth album was released on Joey Cape’s “One Week Records” in 2016 […]

#133 Ryan Dix from “The Old Wives”

Ryan Dix is the singer, bass player for Edmonton’s “The Old Wives”. the band was a four piece band and decided to go as a power trio for their latest release “three” which is out not on Little Rocket records. The band emotes power pop from the late nineties, a sound that has a special […]

#132 Joao Carvalho

Joao Carvalho has been working as a mastering and recording engineer for a very long time. He started out in the loft of Umbrella Sound and after 20 plus years has grown his name and business into a goto place to master and receive world class sounds and service. Based out of the east end […]

#131 Ben Sir of Worst Days Down

Ben Sir is the singer/ songwriter of the band “Worst Days Down” the project started as an acoustic effort that grew into a band that is now on Gunner Records (Gaslight Anthem & Frank Turner) in Europe. Worst Days Down is touring Canada in May and the they will be making their way to Montreal […]

#130 John, Anthony & Alex of “Infinitus”

Infinitus is a stringed group based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. The group thrives at making new sounds with their instruments and voices to create a blend of classical, hip hop and pop music that’s uniquely their own. When they aren’t playing shows, they are playing schools as a part of an outreach program. Infinitus play schools […]

#129 Debbie Levitt of

Debbie Levitt has hosted and maintained a website dedicated to Neil Finn and Crowded House for 20 years. She also works in the field of UX (User Experience). When companies design apps or software, Debbie is hired to make sure the app is useable and works for people with disabilities as well as the people it […]