#316 Eric Fundingsland

Eric Fundingsland is an independent documentary film maker, a punk rock musician and a dad. Starting later in life as a touring musician, Eric realized that touring in a van is not as glamorous as he thought. After meeting plenty of other bands that have had similar experiences, he decided to do a documentary film […]

#315 The GET BACK RECAP w/ Lee McCormack

In this episode y buddy Lee and I recap the Beatles “Get Back” three part series that is streaming on Disney Plus. We take a somewhat deep dive into our favourite parts of the documentary. Get Back was made up from many hours of lost footage from the original Doc by the same name that […]

#314 Aaron Pendergast

Aaron Pendergast is a documentary film maker who is making a movie on the Blasting Room. The Blasting room is a Recording studio based in Fort Collins, Colorado that was founded by Bill Stevenson of The Descendents. Over the last 27 years, some of the biggest names in punk music have trusted a tiny, bare-bones, […]

#313 Dave Genn 54-40

Dave Genn is a multi-instrumentalist that is presently playing in Canada’s own 54-40. Dave got his start in the early 90’s playing in in DSK, then Keys in Art Bergmann’s band. He had some time playing with Canada’s Matt Good in the Matt Good Band. Apart from playing in 54-40, Dave is a producer and […]


JAMES SULLIVAN – frontman and guitar player of London’s garage-pop trio MORE KICKS and apocalypse-pop supergroup SUSPECT PARTS has just released his debut solo album LIGHT YEARS.  In November 2020, after repeated album delays and touring cancellations due to the pandemic, Sullivan found himself stuck at home writing LIGHT YEARS  as a self-imposed distraction. “In […]

#311 Ron Sexsmith

Ron Sexsmith is a Canadian Singer/Songwriter that has released over 17 albums since 1985. Sexsmith’s songs have been performed and recorded by a number of well-known musicians, including Elvis Costello, Feist, Rod Stewart, and Emmylou Harris.His song “Secret Heart” has been covered by Rod Stewart, Feist, and Nick Lowe. Sexsmith co-wrote “Brandy Alexander” with Feist—versions appear on Sexsmith’s Exit Strategy of the […]

#310 Clint Westwood

Clint Westwood releases a fresh take on one of his singles and some other quarantine musical gems on Mannequin Vanity Records  — “Return to the Mothership” is coming out on August 27th. We are pleased to announce that Clint Westwood had emerged from the vaults of quarantine with some old tunes re-imagined and re-recorded for this […]

#309 Karl Hensel of “Desperate Acts”

Desperate Acts emerges as a fresh band with confident, passionate, yet gritty melodies.Their debut album, coming out September 10th on SBÄM (Worldwide) and Kings Road (US) titled ‘State Secrets’ is a call to start paying closer attention beyond your own backyard.   Singer Matt Keil explained, “I think the recurring theme is being aware of constant, […]

#308 CC Voltage of “Autogramm”

Autogramm is a synth-driven, power-pop trio from Chicago & Vancouver drawing influences from the likes of The Cars, The Go Go’s, Gary Numan, 20/20 and Devo. The band members are Jiffy Marx of Brooklyn’s Hard Drugs and Vancouver’s Blood Meridian, CC Voltage of Berlin’s Dysnea Boys, London’s Loyalties and Vancouver’s Black Halos and Spitfires, and […]

#307 Will Huse of “The Late Great Charlie Borski”

he Late Great Charlie Borski, releasing their debut full-length album Watch Out For Spiders on July 2nd – just before kicking off their first Southern US Tour. Self-described as “Theatrical Folk Pop” The Late Great Charlie Borski combines the drama and intensity of musical theatre with the down-to-earth goodness of folk music. This band delivers a powerful […]