#288 Elliot Lefko

Elliot Lefko is a concert promoter that got his start in the Toronto punk and metal scene in the 80’s. Elliot has worked with thousands of bands throughout the years and still to this day has time to talk about his love of music and the art form. Always inspiring when people carry that passion […]

#287 Rob Moir

Rob Moir is a singer/songwriter who has been writing and performing all over the world with mostly just a guitar. Rob has been known to travel Europe by bicycle to get from town to town while on tour.Recently, Rob has released a travel show where he rode his bike for three weeks in southern Ontario […]

#286 Kyle Gordon Stanley

Kyle Gordon Stanley is a contributing writer for Hardtimes.com, a satirical website devoted to punk and hard music. Kyle and I have been friends for well over 20 years. Kyle is also has the record for most guest spots on the show. The show was cut short due to technical issues. Enjoy! Brought to you […]

#285 Jay Sinclair of “Fizzgigs”

Jay Sinclair is the lead singer and guitarist for Calgary’s own Fizzgigs. Jay and the Fizzgigs have released a 2 song EP in efforts to help the Kids Help Phone www.KidsHelpPhone.ca or @KidsHelpPhone. Hit and Miss was released on November 6th 2020 and features the title track “Hit and Miss” as well as a Wipers cover […]

#284 Ben & Roman of Barbar’O’Rhum

Pirate/Metal/Punk band from France Barbar’O’Rhum have signed to Mannequin Vanity Records (MVR) and are releasing their 2nd full-length album October 30th, 2020. The album will be called Journal de B’O’R and it is a substantial upgrade from their first self-released album. Containing eleven tracks for almost an hour and six minutes of Rock ‘n’ Rum, […]

#283 L. Teez

L.Teez is a Montreal based Hip Hop artist that has played all over the world with his 90’s tinged brand of hip hop. L.Teez has just released “The Index To My Inner Thoughts” six amazing approaches to tell stories of life and learning. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L.Teez/Website: http://www.lteez.com/SpotifyContact: info@hydrophonik.com Brought to you by AIXdsp Shop now and […]

#282 Murray “Hound Dog” Heywood of UIC

Murray “Hound Dog” Heywood is the Drummer and original member of Exeter Ontario’s own UIC. UIC was formed in the early 80’s using the 70’s sound of Detroit as a back bone. The album FM hill harkens back to those times when friends and locals of Exeter would meet on a high hill top to […]

#281 Dan Cesare And Daniel Aubut of “Oakhearts”

Dan and Daniel are the members of Montreal’s “Oakhearts” The band is following up their 2018 debut release with a digital EP titled “Triangles and Squares”. the album is released on Little Rocket Records. The album was released on September 25 and it features four awesome songs that will move and inspire you.If you’re into […]

#280 Dave Rees

Dave Rees played drums in the Epitaph era of SNFU. Arguably one of the best versions of SNFU in all of the versions. Most certainly my favourite as I was their sound guy and drum tech for many tours throughout the mid tp late 90’s. SNFU taught me how to tour and tour with the […]

#279 Dennis Jagard of Ten Foot Pole

Dennis Jagard is the Lead singer, Guitarist and founding member of “Ten Foot Pole” Ten Foot Pole became known in the early 90’s when the punk rock became popular in it’s newest, speedy incarnation. Bands like Bad Religion and NOFX paved a new way from the mid-eighties for bands like TFP, Offspring, Green Day and […]