#129 Debbie Levitt of frenz.com

Debbie Levitt has hosted and maintained a website dedicated to Neil Finn and Crowded House for 20 years. She also works in the field of UX (User Experience). When companies design apps or software, Debbie is hired to make sure the app is useable and works for people with disabilities as well as the people it […]

#128 Eric Weller

Eric Weller is an educator based in Thunder Bay Ontario. He teaches film studies at the school he originally took the course at. Before that, Eric owned and operated a record label called “Meathead Records”. the label was started to support his favourite band “Head Cramp”, one of Thunder Bays greatest exports in my opinion. […]

#127 Rob Lanni co-founder of Coalition Music

Rob Lanni is the co-founder of Coalition Music. Coalition is one of Canada’s larger entertainment management companies. The company was formed primarily to support Rob’s brother Arnold (Frozen Ghost, Sheriff) and his musical endeavours. After discovering Our Lady Peace, the company was on its way. Rob’s function as a manager is to support the artist […]

#126 Theo Goutzinakis of “GOB”

Theo started the band “GOB” with Tom Thacker in the early 90’s. GOB became one of Canada’s favourite punk bands with the song “Soda” being played every day on Much Music (Canada’s MTV) on heavy rotation. GOB toured relentlessly across Canada and the USA playing to whomever would listen. They’ve put some great albums too! Theo […]

#125 Jodi Phillis & Trish Young of “the clouds”

Jodi Phillis and Trish Young formed the band “the clouds” in 1989. Based out of Sydney Australia, it only took them a few years to head across the ocean to North America. It was in 1992 when I by chance, met their drummer outside a hotel in Vancouver BC. That’s where I became the Canadian […]

#124 Al Nolan & Jeremy Knowles

Al Nolan has been a staple in the Toronto punk rock scene for well over 25 years. Jeremy Knowles is a founding member of BFL theatre. Together they are mounting Hard Core Logo a punk ass play. Al is playing the part of Joe Dick and Jeremy is producing the play. The show is opening […]

#123 Dave Kiner

Dave Kiner is a respect person in the Toronto music community. He’s played in several bands. One of the most notable ones for me was industrial overlords “Malhavoc”. Dave has been acting in small and large screens now for almost 20 years. When he was a teenager, Dave found out that his uncle played in […]

#122 Craig Northey guitar player, singer of the band “odds”

Craig Northey found success in the late 80’s and 90’s with Western Canada’s “odds”. A great band that would be categorized in the Matthew Sweet, early Lenny Kravitz era of indie pop. The found huge success in the mid 90’s with their album “Good Weird Feeling”. A great band with even better songs. Besides odd’s shows, Craig […]

#121 Liam Killeen

Liam Killeen grew up playing drums in bands and then realized that tour managing was his bag. After years of being on the road, he became a manager. He started out working for nothing and developed his skills. after helping the Canadian duo “USS” get a record deal and sell tons of albums in Canada […]

#120 Bill Priddle of Treble Charger

Bill has been playing in bands since the 80’s. Originally from Sault Sainte Marie, Bill moved to southern Ontario to be in a band. Finding his way to Toronto, He formed NC-17 with Grieg Nori. That band turned into Treble Charger and that band went on to gain an American record deal with RCA and […]