#263 Live Stream with Kyle Gordon Stanley

Kyle Gordon Stanley is a frequent guest on the podcast. Because of the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, I streamed the show live on Facebook on Thursday, April 2. The show wasn’t perfect, but we still managed to have a serious conversation on life as well as some laughs. The feed was interrupted when […]

#262 Shane Alyward & Dylan Murley of “The Highsides”

Shane Alywood is the lead vocalist and guitar player, Dylan Murley is the bassist and backing vocalist of The Highsides. The Highsides have just self released a new album “Some Pretty Dark Thoughts” which is streaming on Soundcloud for free.Like everyone else in the world, The Highsides have been forced to cancel their May tour […]

#261 Jason Sinclair of the FIZZGIGS

The Fizzgigs is a band founded by Jason Sinclair who used to be in Calgary’s Punk legends “Belvedere”. The Fizzgigs were supposed to be playing a show March 14, but they were forced to cancel based on the COVID pandemic. All on the entertainment industry is shut down until this threat is over. Their new […]

#260 Paul McKenzie of The Real McKenzies

Paul McKenzie is the founder and lead singer of “The Real McKenzies” founded in 1992, The Real McKenzie are one of the first bands to blend celtic folk music with 2nd wave punk rock. Paul is the original member. Along the way, they’ve had over 33 members playing and touring in the band. Based out […]

#259 Jason Cruz of “Strung Out”

Jason Cruz is the lead singer of Simi Valley’s “Strung Out” Strung Out was formed in 1989 and had their first release and all following releases on Fat Wreck Chords From 1994-present day. “Songs of Armor and Devotion” is their 9th release that was released in 2019. The album is as strong as it is […]

#258 Zach Quinn of “PEARS”

Zach Quinn is the lead singer of Fat Wreck Chord’s PEARS. PEARS are releasing their 3rd full length on March 6 2020 and in my opinion, this will be one of the best punk records of 2020. Every song is a masterpiece. There’s two songs from the album in the podcast, Enjoy!In the podcast, we […]

#257 Kyle Gordon Stanley

Kyle Gordon Stanley is a returning guest for another great conversation with his observations on life, music and movies. I always love having Kyle on the show as he is not only the most re-visited guest in the show’s history, But he was a follower and believed in the show from he very beginning. Shop […]

#256 Tino Valpa of “The Cryptics”

Tino Valpa is the lead singer and founder of New Hampshire’s “The Cryptics” . The Cryptics have been putting our records since 2009. “Continuous New Behavior” is a re-recorded album from 2013 that gives the band another try at improving the sound of an album they weren’t that happy with. The ban is on Tour […]

#255 Mark Holmes of Platinum Blonde

Mark Holmes is the founding member, lead Singer and Bass player for Canadian New Wavers “Platinum Blonde”. The band was formed in the early 80’s and was one of the first artists to earn fame through music television. Mark has never stopped reinventing himself and his band. Platinum Blonde is currently working on a new […]

#254 Best of 2019

Welcome to 2020! and with that comes the best of 2019. a collection of the most memorable parts of the show last year. This year has a different twist to it. stick around till the end to get a bonus. Rest in Pease Neil Peart. condolences to loved ones, family and the fan base that […]