#280 Dave Rees

Dave Rees played drums in the Epitaph era of SNFU. Arguably one of the best versions of SNFU in all of the versions. Most certainly my favourite as I was their sound guy and drum tech for many tours throughout the mid tp late 90’s. SNFU taught me how to tour and tour with the […]

#279 Dennis Jagard of Ten Foot Pole

Dennis Jagard is the Lead singer, Guitarist and founding member of “Ten Foot Pole” Ten Foot Pole became known in the early 90’s when the punk rock became popular in it’s newest, speedy incarnation. Bands like Bad Religion and NOFX paved a new way from the mid-eighties for bands like TFP, Offspring, Green Day and […]

#278 Cactus Vella

Cactus Vella was one of the early supporters of my studio 23+ years ago. Cactus has been involved in the Toronto music scene for many years and has put out a new 2 song EP with Little Rocket Records. In the podcast we get caught up on what we’re doing musically and personally. I’m glad […]

#277 Cone of Sum 41

Cone and I go back to the early 2000’s when Sum 41 were first signed to Island Records. A major record deal is something most bands dream of but never manage to see it come together. Being on a major label has its ups and downs. Sum 41 never really had the downs. Although they […]

#276 Chachy of “Round Eye” 上海

Chachy is the guitar player and singer in “Round Eye”. Round Eye is mostly made up of Americans that have made a home in China playing punk rock music, releasing albums and touring. In the podcast we spoke briefly on politics in America and China, music and had some laughs. Thanks for the chat Chachy! […]

#275 Harry Miree

Harry Miree is a professional drummer that tours with LOCASH. He also has a successful YouTube Channel that teaches drum techniques and functions as a spot for Harry to Vlog. Harry’s vlogs are quick witted and on point discussing what it’s like being a drummer in today’s musical climate. The delivery is from a music […]

RIP Chi Pig

Chi and I met in 1995 when I was hired on to be the new sound guy for SNFU. SNFU and I worked together for almost 10 years after that first tour that took me all over North America for the 2nd half of the “voted” tour. Chi and I were room mates on tour […]

#274 Mike Gribben of Bad Breed

Mike Gribben is the drummer and cofounder of “Bad Breed”. The Band was formed as a form of therapy to work through demons and loss. their new album The Bad Breed In Ferocious Love is out July 17th on Lizard Snake Records. In the Podcast, Mike and I spoke about the old places to play in […]

#273 Jordan Powley of The Feldman Agency

Jordan Powley is a Booking agent at one of the largest booking agencies in Canada. Right now the world is in lockdown mode, and Jordan is one of the forward thinkers that will get the music industry back on track. The entertainment industry in general has been put on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic. […]

#272 Ron Hawkins of Lowest of the Low and Do Good Assassins

Ron Hawkins is the principal song writer and lead singer of Lowest of the Low as well as The Do Good Assassins. Ron has been writing and releasing music since the Late 80’s and found some great success in the release of “Shakespeare my Butt”. And album that has become the soundtrack of many peoples […]