#171 Tony Gonzalez of Barren Womb

Tony Gonzalez is the other half of Barren Womb, a duo based out of Norway. Barren Wombs sound has a sound akin to Big Black, Shellac and other Steve Albini recordings. As a two piece, there’s lots of room for sound to find its way to the top of the mix. This album oozes room […]

#170 Kami Van Halst of “VAN HALST”

Welcome to episode #170. Kami Van Halst is the lead singer and founding member of the band aptly named VAN HALST. The band started as a solo project with Kami exploring socially expressive lyrics packed in a metal wrapper. The first album “World of Make Believe” gained them some awards and chart spots but most […]

#169 Chad Price

Chad Price is the lead singer of his new band “A Vulture Wake”. they have a new album coming out January 31 on Bird Attack Records titled “The Appropriate level of Outrage”. The band also features Joe Raposo (RKL/Lagwagon), Sean Sellers (Good Riddance/Real McKenzies) and Brandon D. Landelius (The Mag Seven). A Punk Rawk Super Group! […]

#168 Marc Bourgon of Greber

Marc Bourgon is one of two members of the band Greber. As a duo, Greber has managed to fill the void sonically where there is normally a guitar. The new album “Cemetery Preston” is being released on February 2nd and pre-orders are available now on all formats through Ancient Temple Recordings, Pink Lemonade Recordings, Hibernation Release, […]

#167 Kurtis Clifford of Vantablack Warship

Kurtis Clifford plays bass in Montreal’s own Vantablack Warship. The band is comprised of several key players in the Montreal Metal Scene. Their new album, Abrasive Pulmoic Speak will be released on January 26th and will most likely be playing shows around and outside of Montreal. FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/VantablackWarship Photo credit: Wayne William Archibald Shop with amazon.ca, amazon.com and amazon.co.uk  Bookmark […]

#166 Eben Upton Founder of the Raspberry Pi

Eben Upton is the creator and founder of the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer that was created for the sole purpose of bringing young people into the world of computers on a basic level. Similar to the older computers of the mid to late 1980’s the Raspberry PI allows […]

#165 Best of 2017 with Lee McCormack

Another year over, and a new one just begun! Welcome to the third annual best of episode with my guest co host Lee McCormack. Lee is the host of the Tramps Like us Podcast and a very old and dear friend of mine from another lifetime. This year we listened to a bunch of inspirational […]

#164 Dr Oren Amitay

Back on the show, Dr Oren Amity, the smartest man I know! (Rhyme unintended). Oren is a psychotherapist and court appointed family expert. His knowledge of the human mind is unbelievably in tune. Unfortunately speaking professionally on trans issues in today’s society has blown up his twitter and as Oren states he’s living on twitter […]

#163 Dajaun Martineau

Dajaun Martineau is a Canadian producer/ engineer. Dajaun has worked for several bands and artists over the past 15 years. Starting off as a freelance engineer and found himself working at Phase One Studios which was a world-renowned recording studio that is responsible for countless classic albums. He has since moved on into a larger […]

#162 Brandon Kellum of American Standards

Brandon Kellum is the vocalist for Phoenix Arizona’s “American Standards”. The band has been around since 2011 and have released some albums through Victory Records. Their new album titled Anti-Melody is self released and available now on limited press CD and digital download through BandCamp. You can find all their music on Spotify, iTunes, Apple […]