#145 Aaron Matts of Betraying the Martyrs

Hailing from Leicester England, Aaron Matts moved to Paris to join Betraying the Martyrs. Betraying the Martyrs is a heavy, technical, hardcore band that released “The Resilient” earlier this year. BTM are presently on tour in the United States as part of the Summer Slaughter Tour. The tour wraps up at the end of August. Find […]

#144 Kayt Lucas

Kayt Lucas is a singer, song writer based in Toronto. Kayt and I met over 20 years ago when I first moved to Toronto. Kayt originally specialized in modern dance but has also branched into music. Kayt has always been an artistic person and has created a cool scene of musicians who work and play […]

#143 Scotty Newlands

Scotty Newlands is an accomplished singer, stage & screen actor and is the main anthem singer for the Toronto Rock lacrosse team. Scotty was also known as the singing soldier and sang the anthem at Toronto Maple Leaf games. I met Scotty while mixing a musical for a week and he was the stand out […]

#142 Kyle Gordon Stanley

Kyle is a regular guest on the show and is always a great chat. Although this time, he made an even better listener. I kind of took over the conversation. In the podcast we spoke about things like, would we eat each other if we were in a plane wreck in the mountains. Would we […]

#141 David Chester of Chalet Studios

David Chester opened Chalet Studios 32 years ago on a property of 40 acres in Claremont, Ontario. Since then, David has worked at keeping up to date with gear and trends that constantly change year to year by offering a location based recording experience. David based his business model on Le Studio’s in Morin Heights Quebec. […]

#140 Dave Statham

Dave Statham is a professional singer and entertainer. Dave came up through the Oshawa punk rock/ metal scene and as a kid, always sang jazz standards. After 20 plus years singing in clubs and ships world-wide, Dave has gained a wide knowledge of how his voice works. He has since discovered that a life time […]

#139 Graeme Boyce part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the Graeme Boyce episode. Graeme has a knack of packing in a ton of information in a sentence. So I felt that this episode needed to be split in to two parts. Thanks to Graeme for sharing a small part of his interesting life. hopefully more to come in the […]

#138 Graeme Boyce part 1

Graeme Boyce is an important person in the Toronto and Canadian music scene. He started Raw Energy records in the early 90’s with co-founder Chris Black and together they put out over 50 albums in the period of ten years. Several bands like King Apparatus, Random Killing, Marilyn’s Vitamins and Trigger Happy called raw Energy […]

Best Of | Justin Small of “Do Make Say Think”

Hey Folks, Last week was a very trying and busy one. Another thing I’ve noticed is that I’m getting a bunch of new listeners coming in for the new episodes. So this episode is a way to introduce an earlier episode and give myself a breather at the same time. This episode truly is one […]

#137 Adam & Andrea of Zonnis

Adam and Andrea Zonnis started the folk duo Zonnis in 2013 and have played hundreds of shows all over Canada and parts of South America. They tour constantly with their son in tow and will play anywhere there’s a stage and audience. Andrea is also a psychic and does readings while on tour. They are […]