#271 Limo aka Brett Hopkins

Limo and I go back 25+ years. I replaced him as front of house sound with SNFU in mid 1995 because of his commitment with NOFX. Limo was the main stage tech and monitor guy with NOFX for 24 years. He’s been around the world several times. Also known as Brett Hopkins, he’s now settled […]

#270 Cam Gray of The Bare Minimum

Cam Gray is the lead singer and guitarist in Toronto’s “The Bare Minimum”. The Bare Minimum released a new single on May 15th. it was mixed by Devon Lougheed. There’s a kick ass video available too all links are below YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujUSOxdKJvMFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/thebareminimumTwitter: https://twitter.com/bareminimumbandWebsite:https://www.thebareminimum.ca/ Brought to you by AIXdsp Shop now and get up to […]

#269 Patty & Dave of Dragged In

Patty O’Lantern is the lead singer and Dave Fenton is the Bass player for Toronto’s “Dragged In”. Dragged in released a new album on April 28 2020 in the height of a global pandemic. Like everyone in the world, they are dealing with the situation by promoting their new LP Titled L.P. I. The album […]

#268 Jason Hall of Western Addiction

Jason Hall is the lead singer of San Fransisco’s “Western Addiction”. The band was formed in 2003 and took a small break while Jason took care of his new born child. The band has put out a great punk rock record titled “Frail Brey”. The album came out on May 15th in the middle of […]

#267 Live on Facebook w/Lee McCormack

Lee McCormack is the host of the “Tramps Like Us” Podcast. He’s also been a friend of mine as long as I can remember. This Podcast was recorded live to Facebook April 24th as part of the Apologue Live stream series.Stay safe and positive people! Tramps Like us Podcast LINK Brought to you by AIXdsp […]

#266 Neal Page and Tom Gilhuley of Panic Problem

Neal Page is the lead singer and guitarist, Tom Gilhuley is the drummer and vocalist of “Panic Problem”. Panic Problem was formed in Baltimore with a clear effort to pay homage to the 90’s era of power pop punk bands like Bouncing Souls, Green Day, Lagwagon and others. The because everyone needs to stay home […]

#265 Jason Navarro of “the Suicide Machines”

Jason Navarrow is the founding member and lead singer for “the Suicide Machines” the band put their first album out in 1996 and toured all over the world until 2006 when the broke up. They would reunite to play the occasional benefit show between 2009-2019. Eventually, the band decided to work on new music and […]

#264 Live Stream with Connor Lovat-Fraser aka Hammy Hamilton

Connor Lovat-Fraser is the lead singer for Boys Night Out. Connor has started a new kids pop punk project named “Hammy Hamilton”. Because it’s Easter, Connor has released a song and video titled “Might be the Easter Bunny”. The song sounds influenced by 90’s era punk rock like Descendents and ALL. the link to the […]

#263 Live Stream with Kyle Gordon Stanley

Kyle Gordon Stanley is a frequent guest on the podcast. Because of the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, I streamed the show live on Facebook on Thursday, April 2. The show wasn’t perfect, but we still managed to have a serious conversation on life as well as some laughs. The feed was interrupted when […]

#262 Shane Alyward & Dylan Murley of “The Highsides”

Shane Alywood is the lead vocalist and guitar player, Dylan Murley is the bassist and backing vocalist of The Highsides. The Highsides have just self released a new album “Some Pretty Dark Thoughts” which is streaming on Soundcloud for free.Like everyone else in the world, The Highsides have been forced to cancel their May tour […]