#153 Chris Ashworth Creator of QLab

Chris Ashworth is a trained actor and a computer wizard which are two integral parts to being the creator of QLab. Chris founded Figure 53 to develop and sell his program and almost every theatre in the world has used it or come in contact with it. Qlab is a program that theatre technicians use […]

#152 Joyce Kettering

Joyce Kettering is a composer based in Paris, France. Joyce hosts a YouTube channel and gave herself the challenge to compose a song a day. She’s presently on episode #135. Joyce is the type of person that goes “all in” to achieve a goal. Whether it be soccer or music, she always gives it her […]

#151 Brent Belke

Returning to the show is Brent Belke. Apart from being the founding member of Canada’s SNFU, Brent has been a composer for film and television for almost 20 years. Originally from Edmonton, Brent and his brother Marc moved to Vancouver to reform SNFU. SNFU put out two more albums with Brent that was released on […]

#150 Steve Stumble & Eric Hutt of “The Lucky Ones”

Steve Stumble and Eric Hunt of the Lucky Ones hail from St Catharines Ontario. They’ve been playing as musicians for their whole life but have been together as a band since 2010. Steve runs Stumble Records a label that’s put out over 50 albums to date. “Better Late than Never” was produced by Steve Rizun […]

#149 Dr Oren Amitay

Returning to the show is Dr Oren Amity. Oren is a registered psychologist and a parenting expert. In the podcast we spoke allot about our friends to the south and their present political situation. we also spoke about empathy and how the younger generation need more of it. Oren is a very intelligent person and […]

#148 Tyler Wilkinson

Tyler Wilkinson is one third of the family band “The Wilkinsons” and is also the founding member of the Small Town Pistols with his sister Amanda. The Wilkinsons are back together to play some acoustic shows in western Canada. Tyler is also a very accomplished song writer and spends time in Nashville writing with other […]

#147 Andrew Novosky

Andrew Novosky is a concert pianist that from a very early age wanted and worked towards a career in concert piano. Like any art form, the competition is fierce and chance of success is slim. Andrew met those challenges head on and used his training to teach and learn the very difficult task of being […]

#146 Derek Emerson

Derek is a founding member of Toronto’s MSI (more stupid initials). MSI was a band that started in the late 80’s and was together until the early 90’s. Derek has also made a documentary on one man bands and is now writing a book on the Toronto Hard Core scene from the 80’s. This is […]

#145 Aaron Matts of Betraying the Martyrs

Hailing from Leicester England, Aaron Matts moved to Paris to join Betraying the Martyrs. Betraying the Martyrs is a heavy, technical, hardcore band that released “The Resilient” earlier this year. BTM are presently on tour in the United States as part of the Summer Slaughter Tour. The tour wraps up at the end of August. Find […]

#144 Kayt Lucas

Kayt Lucas is a singer, song writer based in Toronto. Kayt and I met over 20 years ago when I first moved to Toronto. Kayt originally specialized in modern dance but has also branched into music. Kayt has always been an artistic person and has created a cool scene of musicians who work and play […]