#181 Duncan Morgan

Duncan Morgan is the Manager, Technical Production at the Habourfront Centre in Toronto Ontario. Duncan got his start in theatre as an actor and slowly got into the technical aspect of theatre. He’s been everything under the sun in theatre from basic crew member to production coordinator. Duncan has been in theatre his whole life […]

#180 Doug Grozelle

Doug Grozelle sang in the band “Trunk”. I had the privilege of recording and producing one of their albums┬áback in the day. Doug has always been a stand up guy in the scene as well as in person. We spoke on the podcast for the first time in almost 20 years and it was like […]

#179 The Alpacas

Nick Harper, Greg and Brent Lee from the Alpacas came on the show to talk about the industry, life as a musician and the joy of song writing. They released the album “the Best is Behind You” in October of 2016 and are presently working on a new album. This band has the feeling of […]

#178 Dan Nystedt

Dan Nystedt is a film maker and documentation. He’s been making movies from his home town of Sault ste Marie, Ontario for over ten years now. Dan has managed to carve out a career from an area in Canada that twenty years ago wouldn’t be considered. We live in a world where you can work […]

#177 Dr Oren Amitay

Returning to the show is Dr Oren Amitay. Oren is a registered psychologist and a parenting expert. Oren was just released from the hospital after going through open heart surgery. On the podcast we spoke about life in general. It was nice to talk and Oren as always is a great guest. Brought to you […]

#176 Brian Wahlstrom of God Of Mount Olympus

Brain Wahlstrom started Gods Of Mount Olympus with an aggressive piano and catchy melodies. A punked out Billy Joel if you will. Brian is an accomplished opera singer as well. He has a broad concept of music and brings all of it to GOMO. The band features Steve Morris (Unwritten Law) and Matt Riddle (No […]

#175 Seth Richard of Layden and the Lion

Seth Richard is a singer/ song writer and founding member of Layden and the Lion. The band is named after his two kids and is his main form of income. This means that he has to be on tour for over 200 days of the year to support his family. It’s a hard life and […]

#174 Rod Slaughter of Duotang

Rod Slaughter is the member of Winnipeg’s Duotang. a two piece rock outfit that’s been around for several years. I am proud to say that Rod’s first solo show was in my basement when I lived in Winnipeg in the early nineties. Duotang play occasionally and tour never. They’re a great band to see live […]

#173 podcast in a bath tub with Andreas Tompros

Andreas Tompros moved down south many years ago from Canada to LA. While he was down there, he started a company and called it “Casting Frontier”. This company was an online casting solution to solve a problem that all agencies have. How to speed up casting calls and push it into the modern era. The […]

#172 JP Wasson of The Discarded

JP Wasson is the founding member of Toronto’s own “Snowdogs” and has been playing music in Canada’s punk scene for a very long time. JP has put a band together with his two sons and has released two albums in as many years. When the band first started, Caden Jax (drums) was 13 and Jared […]