#196 Michael Beinhorn | Music Producer

Michael Beinhorn is a music producer that has worked with bands like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soundgarden, Hole and tons more. He’s the type of producer that is into collaboration over meeting his personal agenda. Michael is offering a service that works as a pre-production service to musicians, a crucial part of the recording […]

#195 Simon Clemo

Simon Clemo is a Lighting/Video content designer that has actively worked in the industry for many, many years. Starting off as a sound engineer, Simon has proven that if you want to succeed in the Canadian entertainment industry, you need to diversify. Simon also inspired me to branch out with what little knowledge in tech […]

#194 Justin Small

Justin Small is the cofounder of Toronto’s “Do Make Say Think”. After years of touring and recording, DMST won two Juno Awards with their latest release “Stubborn Persistent Illusions”. Justin is one of my oldest, dearest friends from the 90’s. We has another great conversation on his back porch equal to episode 37 when we first […]

#193 Alistair Hepburn

Alistair Hepburn is employed with ACTRA Toronto. ACTRA is a union of film, television and new media workers and advocates fair and equal work for all in the entertainment industry. Alistair has also worked as a production manager in theatre companies around Toronto as well as York University which is where I met him. It […]

#192 Carmelo Lo Porto

Carmelo Lo Porto is a musicians manager and record label owner based out of Saarbrucken Germany. Carmelo was responsible for two Four Square releases in 2010 and 2012. “Dial Nine for a Line” and “A day… a Decade” are available on iTunes. Carmelo has always seen the bright side of the music industry and is […]

#191 Howard Ungerleider

Howard Ungerleider got his start in the early 70’s as a tour manager for Rush. His primary job was to teach the three 20 something year olds the proper way to tour in the USA. Howard actually wasn’t much older than Rush when he started with them. After proving his chops as a competent lighting […]

#190 John Hiebert

Welcome to episode #190!. John Hiebert is a production manager with the Calgary folk fest. But before that, John was the lead singer and guitar player for Calgary’s “Field day” and a staple in the Calgary punk rock scene. John and I first met in the early 90’s when out two bands played together. John […]

#189 Sean Kaye Trevor Buckly Josh Buors | Ceilings

Ceilings are a three-piece, Punk Rock band who are based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  The band has recently come together with Little Rocket Records to release their new E.P. “Wake Up and Start Again”.The band features members from Elder Abuse, Locked In and Nice Cops. Ceilings are: Trevor Buckley – Vocals / Guitar Josh Buors – […]

#188 Real Sickies

Real Sickies are a band based out of Edmonton Alberta. The band honours the true sounds of The Ramones, Teenage Head and great bands of the mid to late 70’s. Good time rock and roll! I met the band while they were on a tour west to Vancouver opening for Sub Humans. Great songs and […]

#187 “Three Chords…One Capo” 15 years later Part 2

Welcome to Part 2. Three Chords… One Capo was released under Sweden’s Bad Taste Records, Imperial records from Japan and Maple Music in Canada (a subsidiary of Universal Music). This was the first time we as musicians had to deal with the importance of releasing our first, real album and how to work with people […]