#188 Real Sickies

Real Sickies are a band based out of Edmonton Alberta. The band honours the true sounds of The Ramones, Teenage Head and great bands of the mid to late 70’s. Good time rock and roll! I met the band while they were on a tour west to Vancouver opening for Sub Humans. Great songs and […]

#187 “Three Chords…One Capo” 15 years later Part 2

Welcome to Part 2. Three Chords… One Capo was released under Sweden’s Bad Taste Records, Imperial records from Japan and Maple Music in Canada (a subsidiary of Universal Music). This was the first time we as musicians had to deal with the importance of releasing our first, real album and how to work with people […]

#186 “Three Chords… One Capo” 15 years later Part 1

It was 15 years ago when my band Four Square started recording this album Three Chords… One capo in a rehearsal space in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. My studio was known for recording on location and getting pretty good results. This album was a scary project because it was what I thought to be the real […]

#185 Michael Barclay | Author

Michael Barclay is the author of the book “The Never-Ending Present: the Story of Gord Downie and the Tragically Hip”. The Book is stories told by friends and peers that encompasses what it means to be Canadian and how different we really are from the rest of the world. The book was released in April […]

#184 Paul Delong | Drummer, Author, Educator

Paul Delong has been playing drums in bands for over 40 years and has played with some pretty amazing people and bands. Paul played drums on three Kim Mitchell Albums but also has played in many other disciplines like funk, jazz and blues. Not a lot of people can say they’ve played in bands to […]

#183 Tom Anselmi of “Slow”

Tom Anselmi is the lead singer of the Eighties punk rock band “Slow”. The Band released a few albums before their break up. one of those releases is the EP “Against the Glass” for which Chart Magazine credits it to be #17 of beast Canadian Albums of all time. After breaking up in 1987 Tom […]

#182 Brad Manners of School Damage

Brad Manners is the lead singer and song writer of Toronto’s own “School Damage”. School Damage has been a band for a bunch of years now. Brad and I talked mostly about the scene in Toronto and his observations. We also talked about Europe and the best parts of flying 6000kms and leaving the Toronto […]

#181 Duncan Morgan

Duncan Morgan is the Manager, Technical Production at the Habourfront Centre in Toronto Ontario. Duncan got his start in theatre as an actor and slowly got into the technical aspect of theatre. He’s been everything under the sun in theatre from basic crew member to production coordinator. Duncan has been in theatre his whole life […]

#180 Doug Grozelle

Doug Grozelle sang in the band “Trunk”. I had the privilege of recording and producing one of their albums┬áback in the day. Doug has always been a stand up guy in the scene as well as in person. We spoke on the podcast for the first time in almost 20 years and it was like […]

#179 The Alpacas

Nick Harper, Greg and Brent Lee from the Alpacas came on the show to talk about the industry, life as a musician and the joy of song writing. They released the album “the Best is Behind You” in October of 2016 and are presently working on a new album. This band has the feeling of […]