#204 Paul Dolan

Paul Dolan has been working as a tech for 30+ years. Paul has always been a joy to work with and for over the past 20 years of my career. Always there to pick up the heavy side of the case, never short on stories. Paul is one of my favourite people in this industry. […]

#203 Adam Luedicke

Adam Luedicke is a Canadian musician that played in the band “Punchbuggy”. Adam and his wife Rochelle have started a Gofundme to support Rochelle and her fight against cancer. Because they live in the USA, they will be saddled with medical bills that be necessary for Rochelle’s treatment but also could cripple the couple financially.  […]

#202 Dr Oren Amitay

Returning to the show once again is Dr Oren Amitay. Oren is a registered psychologist and a parenting expert. Oren is one of my favourite people to talk to. It was nice to talk and Oren as always is a great guest. Brought to you by http://www.betterhelp.com/apologue Affordable, private online counselling anytime, anywhere Shop with amazon.ca, amazon.com and amazon.co.uk  […]

#201 Greg Smith

Greg Smith is a Toronto based musician. He plays bass Guitar for Lowest of the Low but also has played in bands like The Weakerthans and Martin Tielli post Rheostatics. Greg is a true Canadian Musician playing with anyone and everyone he can. He’s a father as well as a rocker. Greg’s approach to music […]

#200 Dave Bidini

Welcome to Episode 200! Dave Bidini is the author of 13 books. He most recent release is “Midnight Light a Personal Journey to the North”. He is the editor of his newspaper the “West end Phoenix”, Cofounder of the Rheostatics. He’s worked as a journalist for the Toronto star and Globe and mail. Worked in […]

#199 Will McGuirk

Will McGuirk is a journalist, a TV host, a writer and now a book shop manager. Will Never stops and his ambition and enthusiasm is inspiring. After leaving his job at the Toronto Star, Will found greener pastures in my home town of Uxbridge for work. Oshawa has always been Will’s home, but there’s a […]

#198 Connor Lovat-Fraser

Connor Lovat-Fraser is the lead singer of Boys Night Out. Connor has a new band named “Pale Drone” and they are in the beginnings of releasing a two song 7″ and cassette. Pale Drone is a heavy departure to other projects he’s been involved in lately. Look out for new, cool music from Pale Drone! […]

#197 Greg Bolton

Greg Bolton is a returning guest on the show. Apart from being a project manager with an AV consulting company, he’s a top notch dad and person! Greg and I are in a new band together. Watch out for our killer band at a corporate event near you! We just had our first show today […]

#196 Michael Beinhorn | Music Producer

Michael Beinhorn is a music producer that has worked with bands like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soundgarden, Hole and tons more. He’s the type of producer that is into collaboration over meeting his personal agenda. Michael is offering a service that works as a pre-production service to musicians, a crucial part of the recording […]

#195 Simon Clemo

Simon Clemo is a Lighting/Video content designer that has actively worked in the industry for many, many years. Starting off as a sound engineer, Simon has proven that if you want to succeed in the Canadian entertainment industry, you need to diversify. Simon also inspired me to branch out with what little knowledge in tech […]