#213 Barry Mantle

Barry Mantle is the co-owner of “Chase the Glory” Record Label and Tattoo shop in Brooklyn Ontario, Canada. Barry grew up in Punk rock, got a steady job in finance, then started all over with a tattoo shop and now record label. Barry has managed to balance a love for his work and the love […]

#212 Best of 2018 with Kyle Gordon Stanley

To close out 2018, I am joined by my good, long time friend Kyle Stanley. Kyle has been on the show many times and he’s one of my favourite people on earth. In this episode we caught up on each others lives and went over some of the best parts of the show. We also […]

#211 Dave Smalley

Dave Smalley is the lead singer and principle song writer for “Down By Law”. He’s also been the lead singer for some amazing bands like ALL, Dag nasty and DYS. His new Band Dave Smalley and the Bandoleros is an international effort with most of the band in Europe, one guy from Argentina and Dave […]

#210 Jason Mooney of “We Were Sharks”

Jason Mooney Is a member of Ottawa’s “We Were Sharks”. We Were Sharks is a melodic hardcore band and their songs are super catchy with technical guitar work and some great singing/lyrics. An all round great band in my opinion! I searched out the band and and a great conversation and made and new cyber […]

#209 Jesse Mackowycz of “Quarter tank”

Jesse Mackowycz plays in Toronto’s Quarter Tank, a loud angry combo. Having recorded their first EP with Ian Blurton aka the “King of Rock”, their follow up EP “Igniter” was recorded by John Critchley of 13 Engines fame. The album is 20 minutes of awesome! Quarter Tank are playing an Album/Video release party on December […]

#208 Andrae Mcrae

Andrae McRae is an entrepreneur and a free spirit. Andrae has always had something in the works and another thing on the go. This time he’s travelling to Japan to report and understand the love of Football (soccer) and what makes it so special to so many people. He will be vlogging the trip on YouTube. […]

#207 Jeff Doran of Modern Terror

Jeff Doran is one of the two principal song writer in Modern Terror. Add my old pal Limo and there’s a kick ass band in the making! The band put out an album titled “Hardcore ’18” earlier this year and recorded with the legendary GGGarth Richardson who is know for albums by Rage against the […]

#206 Ron Hawkins of “Lowest of the Low”

Ron Hawkins is the lead singer, principle song writer and guitarist for Canada’s own “Lowest of the Low”. LOTL have been around the Canadian scene since the early 90’s. the album “Shakespeare my Butt” had a short-lived title as Canada’s best-selling independent release in Canadian history. The Barenaked Ladies took the title a while after. Ron […]

#205 Mathieu Gagne

Mathieu Gagne is the head of hospitality for Montebello Rockfest and Punk Rock Bowling. He has just recently bought into pozzafest, Montreal’s best and only real festival for punk rock music. Matt’s job goes from simple rider and artist relations to the outrageous. When I first meet Matt on the phone, I knew immediately that […]

#204 Paul Dolan

Paul Dolan has been working as a tech for 30+ years. Paul has always been a joy to work with and for over the past 20 years of my career. Always there to pick up the heavy side of the case, never short on stories. Paul is one of my favourite people in this industry. […]