#345 Cactus Vella of ‘Public Mess’

Toronto Acoustic-Punk rockers, Public Messdeliver a 5-song EP that defines the genre. 

Too Many Ghosts”, the debut EP from Toronto’s newest group, Public Mess, features Cactus Vella on Acoustic Guitar and Vocals, Rob Fiasco on Acoustic Bass, and Andrew Heule on Drums. 

Public Mess blends acoustic-punk with hints of alt-country. Their debut EP was recorded at Sandy Pockets Studio. A DIY recording studio located in the garage of Vella’s cottage. Mastered by Jon Drew, and released on Anxiety Attack Recordings, “Too Many Ghosts” clocks in at just under 18-minutes long and leaves you wanting more. The EP also features a cover of “Objector” by the legendary Blundermen. A Toronto-based punk band from the early 1990’s. 

The songs on “Too Many Ghosts” deal with topics such as Life and death, as in the case with the opening track “They Bring Me Woes”, as well as “Never Get Sober”, a song Vella wrote about an old friend and former bandmate who passed away last year. On “The Tide”, Cactus sings about living fast, being left for dead, and just barely surviving. The EP closes with “Leaving Parkdale”. A love letter to their favorite neighborhood in Toronto. At one point all 3 band members lived in the south-west Toronto neighborhood. These days, only Robstill remains there.

Cactus Vella has been playing in the Southern Ontario music scene since the mid 90’s, both in bands, as well as a solo musician. He’s recorded and toured with such bands as Sinkin’ Ships, The Class Assassins, Plan 37, and Whiskey Hearts, to name a few. Cactus, and his label Anxiety Attack Recordings also brought us the acoustic tribute to Rancid from a few couple of years ago. Rob Fiascoattended high school with Cactus, and the two friends have always wanted to play in a band together. Rob has also been at it for years with bands like Blank Stare, The Donnellys, and currently also playing with indie rockers CentraalAndrew Huele, who taught himself to play drums as a kid from a VHS tape, also plays in Stillwaves, as well as creates psychedelic electronic music under the moniker Howlin’ Heule

Too Many Ghosts” will be available on all streaming services on Monday July 31st. As well, a limited run of cassette tapes will be available. 




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