#279 Dennis Jagard of Ten Foot Pole

Dennis Jagard is the Lead singer, Guitarist and founding member of “Ten Foot Pole” Ten Foot Pole became known in the early 90’s when the punk rock became popular in it’s newest, speedy incarnation. Bands like Bad Religion and NOFX paved a new way from the mid-eighties for bands like TFP, Offspring, Green Day and even Nirvana to become successful on many levels.
Dennis is also a live audio engineer who has worked with Prince, Weird Al and Jimmy Eat World to name a few.
During this time of the pandemic, Dennis has created an acoustic record playing old and new Ten Foot Pole songs. The album is called “Simmer Down” and the release date is set for early October on people of punk rock records

Label: http://peopleofpunkrockrecords.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tenfootpole/

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