#245 Richard Baxter

Richard Baxter has tasked himself with the duty of resurrecting one of Canada’s most famous recording studios, Le Studio in Morin Heights Quebec. Le Studio was a recording studio about 100kms north of Montreal that has been abandoned for almost 15 years. When completed, the old studio will be a museum and a functioning recording studio. Le Studio was almost destroyed in a fire that took most of the studio in 2017. Luckily the important part of the studio was spared and that’s what Richard is rebuilding shovel by shovel and brick by brick. Truly inspirational!

go fund me:https://ca.gofundme.com/f/lestudiomorinheigh
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Webpage: https://www.freewebstore.org/souvenirs-of-le-studio

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6 thoughts on “#245 Richard Baxter

  1. If you need help, Im a retired Carpenter , from B.C Carpenters Union . Still have my tools, and lots of free time. Id be honoured to help with your project . best wishes on your project . Howard Steinberg .

    1. Thanks for your comment! I have forwarded your contact info to Richard but left it out of this post for your security.

  2. Excellent broadcast! I spoke with Richard Baxter on the phone around two years ago. We talked for hours. He is a great guy! I purchased 3 pieces of parquet flooring that was under Neils kit! As a drummer, and huge Rush fan,I cherish them like gold…Rest in peace Neil Peart.. The Professor, and my mentor.. Still in tears here…

  3. Great interview, I moved to St Sauveur Quebec just over a year ago. I met Richard through his website and he is very passionate man. The work he has done is amazing. All he asks is some volunteers to help.

  4. To correct the record, the Time Stand Still video was not shot on the Le Studio soundstage. Here’s how you can tell:

    1. If you watch the video, there are large, round (what I assume are concrete) columns supporting the roof. Archival photos from the Le Studio soundstage show no such columns, plus the video soundstage is much larger than that of Le Studio.

    2. The soundstage ceilings at Le Studio were painted black before the aluminum trussing was installed, whereas the ceilings in the video show unpainted wood.

    3. The soundstage at Le Studio had only two points of ingress/egress: A set of ground-level double-doors next to a wall that led to an outdoor loading dock, and an elevated corner door proceeded by a ramp, which was next to a booth that led to the rest of the complex. In the video, Aimee runs through a ground-level single door that leads to an indoor hallway. There was no such door on the Le Studio soundstage. (Note: The double-doors were a common point of unauthorized access during the 17-years Le Studio lay dormant.)

    4. The video control room at Le Studio also had two rows of equally-spaced CRT monitors, whereas the monitors behind Aimee Mann show three differently-spaced rows. Le Studio’s control room desks were a teal color (as was the rest of the room), not grey as shown in the video.

    5. Since nothing on Hold Your Fire album was recorded, mixed, nor mastered at Le Studio, I doubt they’d relocate to Quebec to shoot footage that could have been shot on any vacant (i.e., inexpensive) soundstage.

    6. Lastly, the outdoor footage may have been shot in the Laurentians around Lac Perry, but I’m guessing it was all stock footage because using that would have been cheaper than sending a crew to Quebec. (This is the late-80’s we’re talking about when video production was still costly.)

    While I cannot find information regarding the exact filming locations, it’s safe to say none of the footage for the Time Stand Still video was shot at or around Le Studio, and probably not near Morin-Heights nor in Quebec.

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