#337 Torin Craig & Eliot Rosi of “Pretty”

Pretty are people who appear onstage with lots of noise and then leave.This half-silly,half-serious sentence summarizes the band’s ethic and sound, from their earlyinspiration byToronto’s 2010s-era DIYpunk scene, to their current fascination withpsychedelic sound and culture, elements that fuse into a highly distinctive, dark andfrenzied sonic landscape.The band had a busy 2022, recording their second EPand follow-up to their debutalbum Sertraline Dream (2020); playing headline sets to increasingly large andenthusiastic crowds and being featured acts for Exclaim! Magazine’s Class of 2022,Canadian Music Week and Sarnia’s Empty Fest. If you dig getting warped anddiscovering another side of yourself, you won’t want to miss Pretty

Photo credit: Elijah Shark


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