Epi 51 Carlos Soria of “The NILS”

The Nils are a band based out of Montreal that has been around in several incarnations since 1978. Alex Soria started the band using all of the influence his older brother Carlos brought to him. Their first big show was opening for the Ramones in Montreal. The Nils were everyone’s favourite band because of the great songs they wrote.

After suffering from label bankruptcies and personal changes, the band was put on hold. There was about a ten year break until the Nils were reformed. For unexplained reasons, Alex committed suicide in late 2004 leaving Carlos at a huge loss of not just his brother but his musical partner as well. A few more years passed leading up to 2012 when Carlos reformed the Nils and started where they left off. “Shadows and Ghosts” is a product of the brothers’ work before the death of Alex. It’s out now everywhere music is sold. And it’s an awesome album with great songs!!

Also on the podcast is my first attempt at an audio documentary. Contributions by John Kastner (Asexuals, doughboys), Scott MacCullough (rusty, doughboys) and Ian Blurton (Change of Heart). It’s a short show that gets some insight into the Nils and their history from peers and friends – with narration by yours truly.

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