#339 Mason Lowe

Mason Lowe (drummer of Seattle’s feel-good, classic rock-inspired outfit Bread & Butter) has just announced his debut solo LP Morning People, due out June 23rd on Seattle’s Killroom Records. The advance single Plastered features pounding, hyperactive guitar riffs over loping drums before opening up into a delightfully poppy chorus with descending melodies. Reflecting on the process behind the album and first single Lowe said, “When I started writing songs for this album, I was going through a long lonely period. But “Plastered” was one of the last few songs written for the album. And by then, I was in L-U-V love. I was a straight-up twinkle toes motherfucker! This song is about someone getting steamrolled by love, is heading off the rails, and is just letting it happen.” In a record with lots of different vibes, this is one of the heavier songs. Mason says, “I don’t know where that riff came from! It’s a mystery. I’m not a bombastic dude. I’m the kind of guy that tiptoes around my house when I’m alone.” The accompanying video for Plastered features Shane Herrel (Bread & Butter) and Maria-Elena Jaurez (Acapulco Lips) playing maniacally crafted homemade instruments throughout a psychedelic journey without ever leaving the Lowe’s garage. 

Morning People, combines the sounds of glam rock, 60’s girl groups, and grunge. The result is an open-hearted, sunny record – a nostalgic sweet pop album that is hopeful, beautiful and utterly sentimental. Nods to Big Star, The Shangri-Las and The Beach Boys are present throughout. Morning People was recorded by Lowe during the height of the pandemic while he was struggling to keep the doors open at a Seattle human services nonprofit. But these are not 12 songs of loneliness and exhaustion. This is a dozen songs about new love, hot crushes, and friendship. Mason dragged his weary buns into the basement with 6-packs of Rainier tallboys to record heavy riffs, light harmonies, and tight arrangements. How tight? None of the songs on this album make it to the three-minute mark. Where did this burst of positive energy come from? “I have no idea,” Mason says. “Work was really tough. I had a lot on my mind. A lot. But I dived into music in a way I never have before. This was a super serious time, but the songs that came out are really poppy and fun. I don’t know why.  I’m not a sunshiny person. Really!”

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