#333 Davey Johnston of “The Confusionaires”

Confusionaires are a world-class rock & roll band that are constantly pushing the boundaries of what rockabilly and country music can be. The trio of Edmonton-based musicians has built a sound that’s synonymous with the hardest-hitting country and rockabilly acts around with sound that stands on its own. Their sound fills dance floors with fans from age 8 to 80. Since the inception of Confusionaires in 2017, the trio have focused heavily on live performances throughout Western Canada, earning their place as festival darlings and as a must-see live act. Their impact has led to the successful release of 2 full-length albums and 2 E.P.’s – And now their third full length album, and most ambitious collection of works to date: “Westernization”. Confusionaires are bringing this new crop of thoughtful and hard-hitting songs to the people that believe that music should have a little dirt under its fingernails.

Website: https://confusionaires.com/

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