#289 Vic Bondi

Vic Bondi is the founding member of Articles of Faith and has gone on to form bands like Jones Vary and Alloy to name a few. Vic has contributed over 40 years into creating and living in Punk Rock. Vic is also a software engineer that has been in the industry since the mid 90’s working for Microsoft on several occasions. A true renaissance man! Vic’s new bands Redshift and Dead Ending have been writing and recording new music over the past year. It’s truly inspirational to talk with someone who is still passionate with his art as well as his ethics. Thanks Vic!

Photo Credit: Frankie J Carroll

Check out
RedShift: https://redshift-surfpunk.bandcamp.com/
Dead Ending: https://deadending.bandcamp.com/
Dead Ending Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DeadEnding

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