#248 Joel & Jared of “the Discarded”

The Discarded hail from a small town just north of Toronto, Canada called Orangeville. They are comprised of seventeen year old drummer, Caden Jax, twenty year old, Jared Dean on bass and veteran rocker J.P. on guitar and vocals.  Yeah they’re all related but this isn’t any Partridge family reunion.  They are a tight, hard rocking unit that draws upon their shared history to create original punk inspired Rock and Roll

In fact after just three years together they’ve released 36 original songs, three full albums and one EP: 2017’s self-titled release, 2018’s “Manifesto”, March 2019‘s Act 1, five song EP -“Not from this Town” and now finishing out 2019 with this November release, the twelve song release entitled  “Sound Check and Fury”(act 2 &3). This completes the 17 tracks of music they recorded with Ian Blurton last year.

This new LP comes your way with twelve new original tunes that spans the gauntlet of rock and roll. It finishes the story introduced in the March released act 1 called “Not from this Town, with act 2: Life in a van and Act 3: Looking forward to accompany the text written for the play “Sound Check and Fury”.

Act 2 takes you through life on the road with such tunes as “24 hours”, “Music whores”, and “My baby is a go-go girl”. With act 3 lamenting the state of music today with “A bit too heavy”, “Has been never was” and “Looking Forward”.

The Discarded don’t plan to let up any time soon with a full slate of live shows and already back in the studio recording their next full length album.


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