#236 Greg Bolton

Greg Bolton is a father, an audio systems tech and general all-round sweetheart. Greg is a returning guest to the show and greg always delivers a great conversation. This time, we dove a little into his band he had with Tyler Wilkinson called “Motion Picture Ending”and what his experience was. This podcast’s common thread is that when bands get together as young people, life changes as well as priorities. It’s very hard to explain how bands work and why people play music for no love and no money. Relationships break up, hearts are broken. Rare victories win over decisions to quit and to keep on keepin’ on. After the fun is gone, it’s time to grow up and contribute into society in other ways.

This episode was special because the flow of the conversation is exactly what I envisioned as a ‘format’ to this podcast. Lately, I’ve been putting out some episodes that I’m not super proud of. It’s not the content or even the guest. The show has taken on a new feel that comes with the fact that I have pretty much interviewed everyone I know.. twice. I’m meeting some guests for the first time. as with all first impressions, some guests embrace the idea of a no-questions-conversation-based-podcast. Some hate it and come off as uncomfortable which is maybe who that person actually is. I appreciate all that listen and follow the show. I’ll keep doing them if you keep listening!

Thanks for reading this long winded intro, enjoy the show

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